Social Customer Relationship Management Sebagai Strategi Bisnis Pada Bank (Studi Kasus Di Bank BPD DIY)

Jurnal Informatika dan Teknologi Informasi(Telematika), ISSN: 1829-667X; Vol.13 No.1 Januari 2016

Abstract :

Social CRM is
designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in
order to provide mutually beneficial value. BPD DIY main
branch office located in the middle of the city has a growing number of
borrowers from 2013 until 2014 a number of 4.3% and there is a reduction in the
number of accounts under 1%. Therefore the Bank BPD DIY are required to give
priority to the quality of service on the client. Inthis
study, SCRM application made for the users, in this
case to improve relationships and quality of service on customer service one customer
complaints against Banks in a timely, accurate and
effective. The method used is the method of software
development methodologies thatmany developed waterfall. This
research resulted in SCRM system to establish relationship
with customer through pemanfatan web 2.0 technologies and
introduces different approaches in establishing
relationships with customer relations especially
in regarding the complaint of the customer through the
social web in order to improve the quality of service
to customers and retain existing clients as well as
making one of the SCRM applications to support
the business strategy of the company. Based on the
results of development on SCRM on BPD DIY,
softwarehas been successfully developed in accordance
with predetermined functionality of 94,44%.

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