Sistem Pakar Untuk Menentukan Status Kesehatan Ibu Hamil Dengan Metode Inferensi Fuzzy (Sugeno)

Jurnal Teknologi, Vol. 10, No. 1, 2017, Hal : 1-8, ISSN Cetak : 1979-3405, Online : 2338-6711

Abstract :

Computers today have become a major requirement in supporting human performance. One branch of computer science that is widely used is an expert system which is one of the sub field of artificial intelligence. One use of expert systems in the field of health or medicine. The developed expert system aims to reduce health problems to the public on clinical matters that need attention. One of the problems encountered in the field of health is in determining the health of pregnant women.
For pregnant women, good health during the lesson will also be very helpful when it comes time to give birth and also breastfeeding a new baby legitimate.

In determining the health status of pregnant women using fuzzy Sugeno logic method can provide convenience when determining the health of pregnant women, especially in conditions of pregnant women normal condition of pregnant women are at risk. Health status test from 23 data which can be concluded by using Sugeno fuzzy method with system and data obtained from institution have result 82,60%.

Keywords: Health Status, Pregnant Women, Fuzzy Sugeno, Expert System.

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